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Death Warmed Up [Slipcover]

Death Warmed Up [Slipcover]

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Directed by: David Blyth
Starring: Michael Hurst, Margaret Umbers, Gary Day.
1984 / 82 min

As a child, Michael Tucker (Michael Hurst) is used as a test subject for mind control drugs developed by evil scientist Dr. Howell (Gary Day), which cause him to unwittingly kill his parents. After spending seven years in a mental institution for the murders, Michael, his girlfriend Sandy (Margaret Umbers) and his two friends Jeannie (Norelle Scott) and Lucas (William Upjohn) use Michael's car, a black 1963 Ford Fairlane 500, to set out on a trip to a remote island on which Dr. Howell's clinic is located. Desperate for revenge, Michael is determined to infiltrate the scientist's base and kill him with no mercy. After tracking him down, he kills Howell's mob of mind controlled slaves who are both zombies, but in the resulting mayhem both Jeannie and Lucas are both killed. At last Michael proceeds to brutally kill Howell after repeatedly stabbing him in the stomach with a knife. After escaping from the clinic, Michael and Sandy return to their holiday home, only to discover that it caught fire. When Michael steps out to investigate the damage, he is struck by a falling electrical line and is electrocuted to death, leaving Sandy alone weeping over the loss of him as she's overcome with grief and starting to run.

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• Limited Edition
• Region Free

Bonus Features

• BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE: Original New Zealand 4x3 VHS cut
• Audio Commentary with Director David Blyth and Writer Michael Heath
• I'll Get You All: Interview with Actor David Letch
• Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary by Director David Blyth and Writer Michael Heath
• Interview Featurette with David Blyth and Michael Heath
• Theatrical trailer
• VHS trailers
• TV Spot
• Reversible Wrap
• Exclusive Slipcover

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