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Vinegar Syndrome

Rabid Grannies [Lenticular Slipcover]

Rabid Grannies [Lenticular Slipcover]

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Elizabeth and Victoria Remington are two sweet, elderly ladies who are looking forward to celebrating their shared birthday with their family at their enormous country mansion. Little do they realize that their obnoxious relatives - which include a freeloading playboy, an unscrupulous arms dealer, a brash condom manufacturer and a terse lesbian magazine editor - are only interested in keeping in their aunts’ good graces in the hopes of inheriting their vast wealth. The festivities are not long underway when a strange and sinister woman appears at the gates to deliver an unexpected gift from an estranged member of the family - a mysterious, engraved wooden box, which, when opened, instantly transforms the two old dears into ravenous, flesh-hungry hags! The terrified partygoers scatter throughout the mansion as, one by one, they meet a fittingly gruesome end at the clawed hands of the ghoulish geriatrics.

Product Information

• Region Free Blu-ray
• Newly scanned and restored in 4K from its 35mm interpositive
• English SDH subtitles

Bonus Features

• Commentary track with The Hysteria Continues!
• “Shit Happens” - a brand new interview with producer Johan Vandewoestijne
• “What Can I Do With This?!” - a brand new interview with editor Philippe Ravoet
• “Pretty Violent Stuff” - a brand new interview with Troma president Lloyd Kaufman
• “Forgotten Scares: An In-depth Look at Flemish Horror Cinema” - a feature-length 2016 documentary on the history of Flemish horror
• “Rabid Grannies: The Story Behind the Film” - an archival making-of documentary
• “RABID GRANNIES” 88-minute cut version (sourced from tape) with an optional commentary track by director Emmanuel Kervyn
• Archival interview with Producer Johan Vandewoestijne
• Archival introduction with Lloyd Kaufman
• Outtakes
• Original trailer
• Reversible cover artwork

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