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Witchcraft (aka La Casa 4) [Slipcase]

Witchcraft (aka La Casa 4) [Slipcase]

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Starring The Exorcist’s Linda Blair and Knight Rider’s David Hasselhoff… Director Fabrizio Laurenti (Crawlers) brings you a creepy tale of terror, witchcraft and sacrifice. When pregnant Jane (Linda Blair) and her family visit a secluded island to check out a proposed real estate deal, things start to go wrong when they come across two trespassers, supernatural expert Leslie and her boyfriend Gary (David Hasselhoff). Forced to spend the night in a dilapidated house, the group are soon plunged into a nightmare of death and destruction at the hands of the powerful and mysterious Lady in Black (Hildegard Knef). La Casa/Witchery/Witchcraft is a carnage fuelled splatter fest, a rabid romp incorporating hauntings, possession and unexpected twists and turns. An entertainingly rare find from video store hay day of Italian made scary movies, it will delight fans of late 80s horror, a weird and wonderful necessity for the cult collector.

Product Information

• HD Transfer in Original 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio
• Optional English Subtitles
• DTS-HD MA 2.0 Soundtrack
• Region Code: B
• Runtime: 95 mins approx
• Language: English
• Cert: 18
• Year of Release: 1988

Bonus Features

• [Limited Edition "Soft-Touch" O-Card]
• [Limited Edition Collector's Booklet featuring behind the scene stills and an Essay by Andrew Graves]
• Lighting Witchcraft - An Interview with Cinematographer Gianlorenzo Battaglia
• The Music of Witches - An Interview with Composer Carlo Maria Cordio
• The Witch’s Mirage - An Interview with Acclaimed Film Director Luigi Cozzi
• Mirages and Witchcrafts - An Interview with Director Fabrizio Laurenti
• The Sound of Witchcraft - An Interview with Sound Technician Piero Parisi
• Return to Witchcraft: Before and After - Locations then and now filmed by Fabrizio Laurenti
The Immigrant - A Short Film by Director Fabrizio Laurenti
• Original Trailer
• Reversible Cover Art

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